Character Creation

This will be a ‘classic campaign’ set during the Fifth Frontier War of 3rd Imperium; action will centre on the adventures of a starship crew. It will be a fairly gritty campaign with some hard(er) science leanings.

Most skills will be useful at some point in the campaign, but your ability to run & operate a starship as a team is important. Therefore a team of characters with a suitable balance of starship related skills is encouraged.

A new thread will be created by the GM for your character creation. Characters must be rolled as per the CRB using the “Select Skills” alternative character generation on page 40. Benefits might come with ‘plot hooks’, if that is the case the benefits may be slightly more generous than normal.

All player characters must be human.

Homeworld & Campaign Start:
Characters are free to choose any homeworld within one subsector of Glisten, but must be full Citizens of the Imperium. At the start of the campaign all characters will have just mustered out from their last service on Glisten/Glisten.

Edu is now a measure of ability to study, learn, memorize and recall data. Edu is not a measure of actual educational level, although it may be perceived that way.

Soc is now a measure of social aptitude; it combines aspects of tone of voice, warmth of character, public speaking & leadership, presumed social rank, posture etc. It is now more akin to ‘charisma’ and will be invaluable in helping determine NPC reactions and as a DM for most social skills. Soc is not an exact measure of social rank, nor is it a requirement for social rank, but it will very often be perceived (& function) in that way for game-mechanics. A high Soc will not grant a noble title.

End & Int have more importance for damage a character can take, see House Rules on Combat regarding hit locations & damage.

Careers may be chosen from any official Mongoose book, with the following exceptions: No psions, no robots/cyborgs, pirates must be discussed with me first. Your character can have a noble career, but cannot hold a noble rank at character creation; in other words they may be an aspiring noble or of a noble family, just no actual noble rank.

Homebrew Skill Package:
Pick one of the following skills…
Pilot(any) 1, Sensors 1, Comms 1, Gunner (any) 1, Gun Combat (any) 1, Persuade 1, Stealth 1, Medic 1, Mechanic 1, Astrogation 1, Broker 1, Engineer (any)

Your character does not have any psionic ability and has never encountered any psionics. In game mechanics terms psionics have been toned down significantly, but exactly how it functions will be not be disclosed since your character wouldn’t know anyway. If you roll a psionic event during character creation you must roll again.

Details, Appearance:
You should choose & provide extra details such as height & weight (metric), birthday (Traveller Imperial Calendar), homeworld, gender, basic description, scars, tattoos, hair style, typical clothing, marital status, sexual orientation, family & loved ones etc. The more detail the better.

A good photo is worth a thousand words. Please provide one. If you are really stuck I can help find a suitable image or perhaps edit one slightly.

All weapons, armour & accessories must be exclusively from the Central Supply Catalogue (CSC). Ownership of weapons and armour depends on having the appropriate permits/certificates, as per the CSC p.19. If you want a weapon without a permit you must contact the GM.

Nothing above tech level 14 is available; nor are sonic stunners, psionic items, splinter guns, cryogenic weapons or ‘high energy’ weapons (fusion & plasma).

As per the CRB p34 a character may spend up to 2,000 credits of any money they have prior to the start of the campaign.

After character creation a separate thread will list currently available equipment for immediate purchase, special deals etc. Anything not listed should be requested/ordered by replying to the thread, if you reply in character the chance of it being available will be much higher. Availability, existence, price & stock level will be checked by the storekeeper (GM).

Character Creation

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