Posting Requirements

Minimum Posting:
You should aim to post in character at least three times per week. You are welcome to post as much as you’d like, but more than a few times per day may burn you out or not give a chance for you fellow players to catch up! If sometimes you can’t post for a short time try and let everybody know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

There will be two levels of player character, normal and ‘extras’. Everybody starts as a normal PC, but if they fall below the minimum posting level your caharcter may become an ‘extra’. As an extra you may not collect, or use, or carry over XP nor may you train or study to improve your character. Your character may be controlled and moderated as necessary by the referee(ie: NPC’d). In game your character may have lower security access and/or pay if appropriate. Also, in the sci-fi tradition of the ‘redshirt’ you will generally be targeted first in any combat situation. You can become a normal PC again by meeting the minimum posting requirement for two consecutive weeks.

Guide for Posting:
Posts in the in character thread should be narrated in third person only. Any speech should be in quotation marks. Do not use smileys. What is posted should only include what your character does and should not significantly contradict what has been posted previously, nor should it jump back or forward of the current game-time/date (as far as is reasonable).

Any significant action your character wishes to undertake, such as use of a skill in combat or other dangerous situation may only be ‘attempted’ and should not be assumed to have happened until the GM confirms it (you may be required to roll the dice). Anything that is out of character should be avoided at all costs, but if it must be written, like for dice rolls, enclose it in square brackets and preface it with ‘ooc:’
For example, [ooc: like this].

If you are unsure, please either PM me or ask a question in the OOC thread. Also please avoid editing your posts accept to correct typo’s.

Posting Requirements

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