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Classic Adventure on the edge of the Imperium during the Fifth Frontier War!

Strictly Business is a PBEM/PBP ‘classic campaign’ starting soon for Mongoose: Traveller.

The setting is the OTU in the classic period during the Fifth Frontier War in the Spinward Marches. The intention is to start off with a linear campaign structure starting in Glisten to get players & GM better acquainted and then allow a more relaxed sandbox style of play around District 268 linking sessions with a mixture of different types of adventures.

It is anticipated that much of the setting will focus on operating a starship, with trade being a necessary motivator. The overarching theme is that of fairly ordinary people in a series of extraordinary situations; the players will face difficult choices between ethics and duty. Good roleplay will be encouraged and rewarded though the House Rules on XP and Character Improvement.

A few aspects of the OTU will be ‘toned down’ to fit into a universe based on harder science rather than pure fiction, such as psionics, although as far as possible the GM will try to remain canonical. All relevant Mongoose Traveller material will be allowed by default, but specific rules may be considered on a case by case basis if not already listed in the Wiki. The only race available to PC’s will be human.

Mature, patient players will be best suited to this campaign. Notions of ‘winning’ will probably lead to disappointment, this is going to be a gritty campaign and may not pander to big egos. Combat should be considered very carefully and not taken lightly, House Rules concerning Combat have increased the plausability & potential lethality. Player actions will have a realistic consequence.

If you can handle it and have the time to commit to posting three times or more a week PM me. A good working knowledge of the rules would be an advantage, but is not essential. If you have roleplay experience I’ll help you through the rules. However, I do strongly recommend you own a copy of the Core Rulebook and also recommend a copy of the supplement Central Supply Catalogue, but a copy of the free SRD will suffice.

NB. The actual game will be played on another forum, foxhole53.org go and sign up there if you’re interested or PM me here!

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