All armour value is per location, all armour should be checked to see exactly what body parts it covers and armour values apply to those parts only. The following changes when combining armour as per CSC p133:
No more than two types of armour may be worn effectively on the torso and only one type on the head, legs and arms. The highest value armour in any location may be combined fully with subdermal & natural armour in the same location. If an additional (secondary) armour piece is worn on the torso it only offers half its value.

Damage in combat is now more deadly, although in a few cases it is less lethal. Apply the following additional effects if these stats are reduced to zero:
Str – target cannot stand.
End – target is dead.
Int – target is dead.
Edu -target is unconscious.
Soc – target cannot talk.

Hit Locations:
If a target is hit in combat roll 1d6 twice, consult the hit location table. First roll indicates the general location; the second roll indicates the specific location. The effect of the to hit roll is added to the general location die roll, or the specific location die roll if a general body part was targeted. If a specific body part was targeted then the effect is added to the damage. Any modified roll greater than six being treated as a six. In this way ‘effect’ represents a hit closer to the ‘centre mass’.

Damage is rolled for normally and subtracted from the 1st stat indicated by the table for the specific location, when that stat has been reduced to zero any further damage is applied to the 2nd stat. Damage reduction due to armour depends on the amour worn by the target on the specific location (ie. flak vests do not protect the head or legs). Targeting a general location incurs a -4DM to hit, targeting a specific location incurs a -8DM to hit.

Hit location

Determining left or right limb hits will depend on facing and circumstance, when it is not clear roll 1d6 with 1-3 indicating the left and 4-6 the right. If the target is struck in the head and is facing away from their opponent treat all hits as ‘cranium’ and 1st stat as Edu, 2nd Stat Int. Targets in cover that are hit will have a DM added or subtracted to their general hit location roll adjudicated by the GM, it should not result in number less than a 1 or higher than a 6. Alterantively, if hit, targets in cover may automatically be hit in a specific body location.


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