Official and Optional Rules

All ‘normal’ rules from any official materials are in use by default unless listed here as being excluded. If I don’t like a rule that you cite it will be used on that occassion if you wish, but may be added to the excluded list thereafter.

All ‘optional’ rules from official materials, unless listed as being in effect, are assumed not to be.

Rules In Effect:
High Guard ‘Spacecraft Options’ p41-55 are available, including the ‘Weapon’ changes to Core Rule Book p47 which are in effect.

High Guard ‘Alternative Movement’ p83, will only be used if the majority of players can understand it and agree they would like it, otherwise the normal rules as per the CRB will be used.

Pirates of Drinax ‘Called Shots’(Introduction) p23,
“Ships at a range of Short or less may attempt to make called shots with direct-fi re weapons. The attacker nominates the location he wishes to attack, and then rolls with a -2DM to his attack. If the attack hits, the Referee rolls on the location table as normal, but then moves one row up or down on the table towards the desired location. For example, a pirate corsair targets the fuel tanks on a fl eeing merchant. He rolls and hits; the Referee rolls 2d6 on the location table and gets a 4, M-Drive. However, thanks to the called shot, he moves one row towards the Fuel location.”

Official and Optional Rules

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