Movement & Initiative:
The ship with the lowest initiative always moves & declares manoeuvres first, the ship with the highest initiative shoots first in the combat phase. If initiative is tied the pilot with the highest dex moves & declares manoeuvres last and if still tied the pilot with highest int determines who moves & declares manoeuvres last that turn, shooting happens simultaneously (ie. regardless of pilot dex and int). This is because moving last is a tactical advantage reflected by having the initiative.

A ship with a functional M drive can perform a ‘manoeuvre’ action during the manoeuvre phase (as per the CRB p147) to change it’s ‘facing’ to any direction the pilot chooses, this uses one unit of thrust.

Space Combat
Missles launched from fixed mounts do not move at Thrust 4 on the turn of firing due to changing it’s facing towards it’s target. Thereafter they move at Thrust 5 as normal.

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