XP and Character Improvement

Good roleplaying, finishing missions or achieving group objectives will be rewarded with XP points. One XP point can be converted to a +1 DM for any roll, but the player must announce their intention to spend XP points prior to making the roll and declare how many will be spent on the roll. Any number of XP points may be used on any given roll.

XP may also be converted to a week of study or training towards learning a new skill or improving a stat. If a character dies, any ‘unspent’ XP may be carried over to a new character, XP may not be spent on characterist rolls or benefit rolls during character creation, but can be used for any other rolls (ie: enlistment, survival, events, commission, advancement etc).

Character Improvement:
To improve skills a character must declare which skill they are studying. Studying should be roleplayed and requires one post per week of study. To improve a stat a character must declare they which stat they are training. Training should also be roleplayed, and also requires one post per week of training. A character can only be studying or training one skill or stat at a time, and only by one level/point.

A stat or skill improvement requires a minimum of one week of training/study regardless of how much XP is spent; this is to prevent ‘magical’ skill ups when you suddenly need a new skill. To improve you need study/training material or a mentor. Appropriate material, such as books & course notes, are commonly available and reasonably cheap (~100credits). A mentor is somebody who has a greater skill level or a higher stat than the skill or stat you are trying to improve.

Learning Skills:
Learning a new skill (at level 0) takes 20 weeks. Improving a skill to level 1 takes a further 40 weeks. Improving a skill from level 1 to level 2 takes another 60 weeks and so on. Characters that have EDUx2 skill levels in total, excluding level 0 skills, cannot study.

A character should subtract from the required number of weeks of study their Edu. Special (rare) advanced technology study materials may reduce the time further. Also, a good mentor will reduce the number of weeks of study by one for every skill level they have above the skill level you are trying to achieve.

Characters mostly learn by doing. A character who is required to use a skill during an adventure must subtract the effect of their roll to the number of weeks of study required, but only if they have previously announced they are currently studying that skill.

Once the required number of weeks of study have been completed (or purchased with XP) an INT characteristic roll is made to determine if they have ‘qualified’, if successful the character gains the appropriate new skill level. If they fail the roll they require one more week of revision before they may make a new qualification roll.

For example, Jimmy Jones (UPP:587694) has the skill Medic 2 and says he want to study Medic3. He has all the standard study materials. It will take him 80 weeks – 9 weeks = 71 weeks. At the end of that time he rolls 2d6 and gets a 5, meaning he will have to ‘revise’ for one more week before he can attempt to qualify again. The following week he rolls an 8 and gets Medic 3.

The time to learn a new skill in-game may seem lengthy, it is meant to be. Learning advanced skills takes a long time and is unlikely to happen quickly to a traveller. If you need a high skill level it would be easiest to acquire it during character creation.

Improving Stats:
A stat may be improved in a similar manner to skills. A stat may only be improved by one point at a time. A mentor may shorten the number of weeks of training required, but characters cannot ‘learn by doing’. There is no qualification roll required to improve a stat, once the number of training weeks has been completed the character automatically gains the stat increase. Dietary supplements, if available, can shorten the number of weeks required to train physical stats (str, end & dex). The number of weeks of training required to improve a stat are calculated as follows;

Training Weeks = (age -18) + 3(current stat +1 )

A 34 year old PC training str from 7 to 8 would require 40=(34 -18) +3(7 +1 ) weeks of training.

XP and Character Improvement

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